Back to Basics - Eat more Veg!

December 21, 2017“Life is about taking chances, trying new things, having fun, making mistakes and learning from it.”

Nothing new here, just back to the basics.

Eating more fruits and vegetables and avoiding junk foods and processed foods, as well as, cutting back on sugar are not new revelations; these guidelines have been around forever!

According to an article printed in Time Magazine (2017) eating plenty of fruits and vegetable can cut people’s risk of early death from heart disease and cancer. Eating 10 portions a day, was found to lower risk of heart disease by 24%, lower risk of stroke by 33%, lower risk of cardiovascular disease by 28%, lower risk of cancer by 13% and lower risk of dying early by 31% compared to not eating any fruit or vegetables!

But again....this isn’t really new information and I’m sure you all would all be aware of the benefits of eating more wholefoods. Doesn’t matter what diet you follow, ones that will have the best results and long term success follow the same principal...cut the crap and eat more whole foods including plenty of vegetables!!

If you are anything like me, the biggest drawback slowing you down from eating more veggies in your everyday diet, is boredom. A side serving of chips has always been the more enticing option over the side serving of veg!

However...over the last year my view has changed, thanks to a little encouragement/direction from my amazing wife. I was always one to stick to a small handful of ingredients when I cook, and I still do on occasion (I love broccolini), however I have worked hard to broaden my taste buds and cooking confidence and now really enjoy adding more variety to my cooking, trying new recipes, and just simply mix and matching more and more different veggies in my diet as I possibly can.

I have found changing up from the simple boiling of veggies to frying in a pan, to roasting veggies makes a huge difference, and what you can do with some herbs and spices can go a long way! Chilli flakes are gold and garlic does wonders! The key is to not be afraid to try new things. Variety is extremely important for long term success, just as it is in training. If you ran everyday for 8 weeks, good chance at the end you will have sore knees, calfs and hips and be sick of running! That’s why people have got into CrossFit and been able to stick with for a long time because you know it’s different every day! Same applies to cooking, add in variety, try new recipes and it will become a lifelong habit!

It will also make you happier...have a read of this article posted by Daily Mail Australia (2016) which looks at a study showing positive results leading to eating more fruits and vegetables and living a more happier life!


Coach Jared.