The IAD Program - Terms & Conditions

General Conditions

1. For all matters relating to the products and services provided by the IAD Program, you should contact Jared by email at

2.It is the responsibility of the client to do all that is necessary to fully understand the terms of this agreement, this may involve seeking professional legal advice.

Session Packages & Personal Training

What you can expect from you coach:

1. The Coach will utilize their skills, knowledge and experience in preparation and the conduction of training sessions in a way that will take into account Clients personal goals, fitness level, ability and preferences as well as any injuries or potential limitations on training as identified by the client.

2. The role of the Coach is to provide coaching, supervision, advice and support that the Client may need to help them in performing exercises correctly and safely in efforts to progress and achieve their goals.

3. Coaches will prepare a structured workout plan or training program for all clients based on the information gathered from the ‘Questionnaire’.

4. Training programs will be emailed weekly at the beginning of each week to the client via ‘FitBot’ to the clients nominated email address.

5. Nutritional guidance and advice will be provided electronically and subsequent amendments will be made as arranged and agreed between the client and coach.

6. The clients progress will be closely monitored and training programs will be revised, amended and adjusted accordingly.

7. All personal information of the client will be kept private and confidential.

8. The IAD Program and its Coaches are not registered or accredited practicing dietitians or Exercise Physiologists, accordingly any nutrition advice should be taken as general advice and guidance, which is not intended to be in replacement of any professional or medical advice provided to the client.

9. Client training sessions will be conducted, supervised and coached by the Coach for duration of 60 minutes, unless otherwise specified or arranged between the client and responsible coach.

10. Weekly Check Ins will be conducted through email to the clients nominated email address.

11. The Coach will be constant communication with the client to ensure that they can monitor progress while the client is external of the facility. Communication will be conducted via the ‘Fitbot’ app and email.

What our expectations are of you (the client)

1. It is important the clients ensure that the answers provided in the ‘Questionnaire’ be honest and accurate, disclosing any information that is, or may be deemed relevant to the clients undertaking physical activities under the IAD Program.

2. Coaches may recommend that clearance of advice from a doctor or medical professional be sought, however clients are responsible for seeking such clearance or advice prior to undertaking physical activity, nutritional or physical intervention at The IAD Program to prevent risk of illness or injury.

3. Dress appropriately and bring a towel or other reasonably requested equipment or apparel to personal training sessions. The client is required to wear appropriate clothing and footwear that provided adequate support when training.

4. Bring any medication, or medical equipment that may become necessary throughout physical activity during personal training sessions.

5. The client is required to arrive on time to each personal training session so that the full session can be achieved. It may be preferable for clients to arrive early to warm up or to allow time to complete and pre-habilitation, rehabilitation or other assigned exercises.

6. For clients selecting to perform their workouts at home or away from the IAD Program entity then it will become the responsibility of the client to keep safe, maintain and accurately monitor details of their training.

Initial documents & health screening

1. All clients must complete the Questionnaire provided which will clients will have access to complete online under The IAD Program permission, and in doing so provide as much information that may be relevant for our purposes.

2. If a coach recommends or refers the client to a third party practitioner for assessment or treatment it is the clients responsibility to follow this up and the coach is deemed to have done all that is reasonably necessary.

3. The IAD Program, and any of its subsidiaries reserve the right to refuse service to a client if it is reasonably believed to be appropriate given the information available to them. This refusal will be communicated to the client as soon as it becomes apparent to the concerned IAD Program representative, and may invoke the ‘Late Cancellation’ policy depending on the circumstances and reasons for the refusal.

Cancellations, rescheduling and lateness

1. To cancel a pre-booked or schedule personal training session with the coach with no charge or cancellation fee, The IAD Program requires minimum of 24 hours notice.

2. Notice of cancellation must be made either:

a.       In person

b.      In writing via electronic communication, being email or text message.

3. If a cancellation is made inside after expiration of the notice period it will be deemed a ‘Late Cancellation’ and the session will be charged accordingly.

4. Any changes resulting from Late Cancellations may be communicated to the client on the first instance as a courtesy and reminder of the Cancellation Policy in force.

5. Coaches have discretion as to whether or not a client will be charged for Late Cancellations, this determination is made on the circumstances under which the client wishes to make the cancellation and any other factors the Coach deems relevant.

6. Rescheduling of sessions must be completed outside the 24 hour notice period described above to avoid incurring a late cancellation charge.

7. If a client is late to their scheduled session time, no extension of time is to be provided by the coach, and the session will accordingly end at the allotted time.

8. If the coach is late to the client scheduled session time, additional time will be added to the session to ensure the minimum duration is met.

Online services

1. Clients purchasing services online agree to all the aforementioned Terms & Conditions in conjunction with the following.

2. Online services refers to the following:

a.       Online coaching

b.      Programming

c.       Nutrition Coaching

d.      Any other product or service available for purchase online via the website.

3. It is up to the customer to take all reasonable steps to ensure that they fully understand what is involved in a product or service offered online, including but not limited to:

a.       Directly contacting a IAD Program representative, and

b.      Reading product descriptions accurately, and

c.       Locating and reading any relevant Terms & Conditions, or other agreements that may be so connected to a product or service, and

d.      Any other step that reasonably be made prior to purchase.

4. Program descriptions provided on the website detail the minimum service to be provided and expected by customers who purchase online products or services.

5. Payments are to be made through bank transfer, paypal or quickpay direct debit online.

6. All disputes, enquiries or matters are to be dealt with as per General Conditions 1.

7. Online purchases are non-refundable under any circumstances.

8. Online services are not permitted to be transferred to another party.

9. Online sales may incur a processing fee to cover any costs associated with taking, processing and fulfilling a purchase made and costs associated with any required technology used by us to provide you with the product or service.

Payment methods

1. Accepted methods of payment are Cash, Quickpay Direct Debit, Paypal or Bank Transfer to:

Fitness Unleashed (The IAD Program)

BSB: 063-512

Account Number: 1085 3006

2. Program package invoices will be emailed along with links to the Questionnaire including payment instructions and details. It is the clients responsibility to access and pay the invoice accordingly prior to receiving the first weeks IAD Program.

3. Receipts will not be provided unless expressly requested by the client, and it is the clients responsibility to record any cash payments they make with the coach to ensure it is appropriately recorded.

4. All program payments are paid for in advance either weekly or in full (8 weeks) in advance at or before commencement of the first training session or first workout is provided.

5. Where a client wishes to not continue with their sessions, payments are non-refundable.

6. If a client requires to suspend their program during the 8 weeks, payments must still be made and any time suspended will be added on the program at the end.

7. If a client chooses to cancel their service mid program they will be required to pay the remaining costs of the program (8 weeks).

Direct Debit Request Service Agreement

1. For any Direct Debit payments arranged between the client and The IAD Program, the client is presumed to have read and agreed to the QuickPay Direct Debit Request Agreement document (provided upon request) for the terms and conditions as they relate to such arrangements.

Client declaration

I hereby agree to the terms and conditions of the IAD Program set out in this document. Being aware of my own health and physical condition, and having knowledge that my participation in any exercise program may be injurious to my health and involves a degree of risk, am voluntarily participating in physical activity with the IAD Program. Having such knowledge, I hereby release The IAD Program and their representatives, agents, and successors from liability for accidental injury or illness, which I may incur as a result of participating in the said physical activity. I hereby assume all risks connected therewith and consent to participate in said program. I agree to disclose any physical limitations, disabilities, ailments, or impairments, which may affect my ability to participate in said fitness program.