Join the INITIATE 2019 6 Week CHALLENGE...

INITIATE 2019 INFORMATION & KICKOFF NIGHT – Thursday 31st January 2019


This challenge is designed to help you kickstart your 2019 in the BEST way possible! Forget about those New Year’s resolutions that never become reality, instead join our INITIATE 2019 Challenge Team as we help to change your mindset towards training and nutrition while re-discovering your fittest and healthiest version of yourself!

This is a GOAL DRIVEN 6 WEEK CHALLENGE which means we tailer the program specifically for YOU! You choose your goal and then utilizing the 6 week challenge format, weekly accountability check ins, nutrition tracking, group chats, before and after testing and more, we work with you, putting you on the right path to achieving that goal for 2019! Your goal may be to improve your Olympic Weightlifting, your Aerobic Endurance/Running, Master the Pull Up, Gear up for the CrossFit Open, add Muscle Mass, Weight loss or build on your Strength! Whatever it may be we will adjust the program ensuring you are putting the time into achieving that goal, with the regular Bring It On CrossFit class program working as your base fitness.

After a long holiday season, motivation is always difficult to find, therefore this 6 Week Challenge comes at the perfect time! We will help keep you ACCOUNTABLE and FOCUSSED on your goals, and provide the spark to help inspire you to develop new and healthy life skills and healthy habits that will serve you long into the rest of the year! Training doesn’t have to be boring and monotonous; in fact, you will see better results when you are excited about getting along to the gym! No matter what your goal is Nutrition is always a massive part of achieving success so developing and maintaining healthy nutritional habits is one of the main components of this challenge!

Throughout the 6 weeks of the challenge we will be introducing new healthy habits that we believe can change your life long term, rather than just a quick fix, like most other 'nutrition challenges'. We will work with you, via weekly check ins, face to face coaching, and nutrition guidance, while also individually tailoring the challenge to what is going to get YOU the best results!

What's Included in the Challenge:

✔Nutrition Guidance & Accountability

✔Pre & Post Fitness & Body Composition Testing (or add on Body Scan Analysis - $30/scan)

✔Weekly Check Ins

✔Workout Tracking & Individualized Programs

✔Weekly Challenges

✔Unlimited Class Membership @ Bring It On CrossFit

✔Guidance to improve your Recovery, Training & Mental Toughness

✔Access to Private Facebook Group


1.       Fill out the form below which will provide contact details and YOUR GOALS for the challenge.

2.       Pay the Registration Fee ($90 for Members or $300 for Non Members).

3.       Have a good read through the WELCOME email that will be sent to you along with your Initiate 2019 Athlete Pack once you have registered.

4.       Complete the Fitness Testing and book in for your Body Composition Measurements (Monday 4th @ 6:30pm). You may wish to complete Body Scans with Body Fit Geelong which you will be required to organise (Ashley: 0401 191878). Cost $30/scan.

5.       Email Body Scan Results to Jared (bringitoncrossfit@gmail) to receive your Macro & Calorie Goals

6.       Book into BIOCF classes for Week 1, as well as map out your training & recovery plan. Book in for classes online via Zen Planner. (details to be emailed to you).

7. Start planning and prepping healthy meals ready to crush your health and fitness goals leading into Summer!


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Please check days you plan on attending - note this may change week to week but this will just provide a guide to planning your individual program.
This may not be applicable for you as attending classes will provide more than enough training to achieve your goals, and classes themselves will be modified to suit your needs. Please write what days (Monday etc), the time (7am etc) and how long you have available for additional training (30 minutes etc)

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