About the coach

So I thought I better introduce myself and give you a bit of information about my own fitness journey. My name is Jared and I am from Geelong, Victoria. I initially graduated from the University of Ballarat with a bachelors degree in Sports Management. I started out as a personal trainerfor over three years until I completed my Level 1 certificate in Crossfit coaching and opened my own box. I have been a Crossfit coach/owner at Bring It On Crossfit for the last four years. This is where I have nurtured my passion in terms of learning and coaching the local community for the last few years.

I have been lucky enough to coach hundreds of amazing people along the way, helping them achieve their goals and lead happier ,healthier lives. I believe the path to success needs to be enjoyable. Getting fit and healthy shouldn’t be boring or repetitive. It should be constantly varied, functional, fun and engaging. I want to encourage longevity when it comes to your training and not just a quick fix. I want this to become a way of life and not just something you do in the short term.

I have put in thousands of hours studying, testing and experimenting with what I believe now to be the most effective training and nutrition program that will help you achieve unbelievable results!

All you have to do is take the first step and get in touch!